Sunday, January 31, 2010


ATC's from workshopmini cake plate sold on Etsy
Dogwood cake plate on Etsy

various cake plates

hello my little dear blog friends I'am no longer M.I.A.
sorry for my absence - I've missed it here.
First I gave up art yes I heard that gasp - it wasn't because I wanted to but because I turned full focus in the fall on studying for a state board exam.
Next followed the holidays, & now the new year brought a family illness where I spent 2 weeks when not at work, up at the hospital.
All in all I'm a lucky girl I have to say. I'm back in the saddle again though as far as Art.
I just yesterday attended at my local scrapbook store an ATC class.
Shock among shock that anyone in my town even knew what that was.
There were 6 gals besides myself. The instructor Aimee was a lot of fun & can be found at
The cake plates were the only other creative thing I've even remotely been up to, however I sold 3 on Etsy along with 2 orders of my faux cupcakes this year so far. Woo-hoo!
Well kids I'm off to bed & hoping this finds you all well.