Saturday, May 30, 2009

Shabby Jules

"Swap-bot's Attic Treasures Matchbox Swap"
note that she ingeniously created a treasure chest with a lid that opens to reveal goodies
"VE Spring Fling Swap"
Isn't it amazing how even vast miles apart you can befriend someone all because of the internet?
Well I am fortunate enough to have done so with an amazing artist Jullie Dodds from Australia. She is such a kindred spirit.
"Shabby Jules" is in many of my groups & I've been lucky enough to have landed her as a swap partner x2! Above are some of the amazing goods I've been lucky enough to have received.
You can read her blog here:
I've had a bit of fortunate news this week on a personal note. I will have a local gift shop / boutique selling some of my art! It's still in the works but I hope to meet with the owner again this week.
I also met with the owner of the local scrapbook store & she would like to have me teach some classes of my choosing!
woo-hoo! I am thrilled with both bits of good news!
and to borrow Jules fav saying:
"An invisible red thread connects those who are destined to meet, regardless of time, place or circumstance. The thread may stretch or tangle but it will never break." (chinese proverb)

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

convenzione final finale

my final day in California with Lynne at a tearoom
my incredible teachers:
Lisa Kettell, & Iva Wilcox

Lisa & Joan my Idol

Special thanks to:
Chelise the Queen of ZNE who makes it happen.

Lisa & Iva for being outstanding teachers.

My favorite sisters Jennifer & Yvonne for always making me laugh.

Joan for being my true Idol & I so want to read the book "adventures with Joan"

Jenny for being just as sweet in person as your papier mache creations.

Julee for always having the fab hair & having such a great workshop. Domino's Rock!

Mica for being so down to earth & super fun! What an amazing talent you are.

Ann Denise for being the queen of crepe goodness wow are you awesome.

Donna my bestest ZNE'r bud - I just luv ya! You're a super teacher!

Debrina for being so fun to sit with in class.

Melissa for making me smile.

Shari for being sweet & making such pretty things.

Big hugs & special thanks to my hostess Lynne she was so very kind to put me up for the stay & take me everywhere. I do appreciate your friendship your very dear. Thanks also to Bill & Millie
& remember "It's all good!" which was my motto.

(thanks to Lisa for the great photos)

Convenzione finale

Lisa Kettell's workshop

me with my super cool Teach=R Lisa Kettell

enjoying an In & Out Burger

Me, Jenny, Lisa, & Gypsy
It was such a super great
amazingly awesome good time!
Thank you to everyone that was there you made it just the best!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

day 4 cont. Regalo per Mi

me & Jennifer aka: the polka dot pixie
My bluebird from paperclay

my embossed / stamped photo holder
& Donna's ATC aka: Bonnie blue denim
One of my true fav artists was there I couldn't believe when I saw her setting up her booth - yeah! Jennifer Hernandez (the polka dot pixie) was such a doll, she's a whiz at whimsical papier mache.
Guess what? - she even wore polka-dots!
You must see her site:

What can I say about my sweet friend Donna Cook she is such a talented girl. Donna aka: Bonnie Blue Denim did a fun make & take folded photo holder. I was able to pick my stamp design & try my skills at inking & embossing. Can you call a heat gun thingy a power tool? Well I got to use it anyway!
Donna has a great blog & always manages to make incredible stuff which she shares on her blog at:
She is also a huge supporter for a non profit group Sawmill Strays the animal lover that I am I say kudos!

Convenzione day 4

Julee Herrmann's Domino pendant workshop
(I made the 2 on the left Parisian theme, Lynne Wright made the peeking pixie)
(photo courtesy of Julee)

me & Melissa Merrill creating our crepe flower ladies
in Lynne Wright's workshop
my rose lady
So day 4 was more creative goodness during the Paperie & Pleasantries was Regalo per mi (make it take it classes!)
woo-hoo was this fun & I was a busy girl!
Julee Herrmann aka: "Breck girl" cuz of the Fabo Hair was charming as ever teaching us her skills at altering domino's
Her Mom was also amazing as she is quite the wiz at sewing!
she makes the greatest soldered pretties!

Monday, May 25, 2009

Convenzione day 3

Group shot of us ZNE'rs with Lips!
Joan Kettell & Yvonne

Me, Lisa Kettell, Brandi Butcher-Isley
Shari Replogle & me

Day 3 & 4 were the vendor fair Paper & Pleasantries along with some workshops.
I managed to mingle & mix with some super talented ladies!
It was a very good day!
Check out these other talents that were there;

Jon Troast

Jon Troast's Living room tour concert #45 Fremont, CA
Jon's trademark Red tennies

Jon playing at the ZNE Convenzione '09 in Pleasanton, CA

As previously mentioned I've been lucky enough to see this fine musician perform for the past 2 yrs. at Convenzione & this yr. also attended one of Jon's living room tour performances.

Yep you can see him live & in person in your own house!

Go to his site & check him out his music is Fabulous & he has C.D.'s available if you can't catch the live version.

I am always amazed at musicians that perform music that they have written & arranged themselves. Jon has so much talent!

Sunday, May 24, 2009

convenzione day 2

Iva with her fairy lamp
my fairy lamp

detail of my wooded fairy land inside the lamp
Day 2 ZNE's Convenzione was the class I knew would be intense & it was!
Fairy Lamps with Iva Wilcox.
She is the master of antique, vintage fantasy! Her work is so beautiful! Her personality matches her work as well!
I was so thrilled to get to see her again. We had a great class & I was lucky enough to sit next to the famed Debrina (aka: spark your imagination)
I'm quite pleased with my little lamp & even more pleased it made it home in one piece!
more to come

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Convenzione continued

me & my theatre
Lisa Kettell's theatre

our amazingly awesome class of Lovely Ladies
getting creative!

Here's the fab girls
(L to R: Lynne, Me, Iva, Jennifer, Yvonne, Lisa, Joan)
photos courtesy of Lisa Kettell
Lisa Kettell is so much fun & very helpful she uses such bright, & amazing elements in her work it's absolutely contagious when you work with her!
I've blogged about her before but to meet her is a dream come true she's absolutely a doll!
Lisa's class was Great the girls in it were so much fun & very talented.
Lynne took the same classes as me so that was great. We got to meet the dynamic duo of sisters; Yvonne & Jennifer. These 2 gals I so wish were my sisters! They are so FUN! Iva Wilcox was as usual amazing & created a gorgeous vintage themed stage she is a genius! Lynne did the most amazing small box theatre & even made pantiloons on her marionette! Joan aka Aurora was so hilarious & sweet Lisa & her are trully best friends. I absolutely adored all of these ladies!
We worked most of the day but time just flew. I will post more again soon.

Convenzione day 1 Class: Marionette Theatre

Here is the finished work of day 1's class at Convenzione Lisa Kettell's "Marionette Theatre" I used a mold for her face but sculpted the legs & body I'm not quite finished yet but almost just need a few finishing touches.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

ZNE Convenzione

Me, Melissa Merrill, Lynne Wright

arriving at the Gallery premiere night

(photos courtesty of Melissa Merrill)

It was an amazing experience once again!
The 2009 ZNE Convenzione

Chel the Queen as always tries to think of everything & she succeeds.

I had to switch planes 3 times going & coming & rode the "Bart" to get there enduring the swine flu scare, but it was all worth the layovers & everything!

Opening night I met Lynne again who was so gracious & kind. She played hostess to myself & Melissa the entire time. We had a lot in common & it was nice to share.

Melissa is quite the jewelry gal & makes super pieces she's also a lot of fun. Check her out here:

We got to gather downtown Pleasanton, CA at a lovely gallery eat Giant truffles, mingle & listen to Jon Troast.

Jon is amazing he plays concerts in your living room. He is so talented writing & singing his own songs. I've been privledged to see him several times now & it's well worth it.

I got to see some familiar faces & make friends with some new ones everyone was very excited about the upcoming classes.

Afterward we went to a favorite shop "American Harvest" & "The Berry Patch"
these stores are a lot of fun.
We had a great day 1 & I will fill you in on more adventures next post.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Oh happy day

These were some lil cutie items I treated myself to. I loved the nail polish bottles. The doll is a mini japanese ball joint pullip "Queen of Hearts"
These dolls are so funny huge heads & tiny feet. I am going to make one in a larger version I've ordered some parts all the way from Japan & am a bit excited I used to make porcelain dolls & am a member of UFDC so yes I'm into dollies. Usually I'm very partial to the oldies but I'm a bit eclectic.
I've recently brought home a few dolls thanks to the 2 doll shows here in Ohio I regularly attend & E-Bay & my friend Lynne.
Do you like dolls? :0)

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day

I Said a Mother's Prayer for You
I said a Mother's Day prayer for youto thank the Lord abovefor blessing me with a lifetimeof your tenderhearted love.
I thanked God for the caringyou've shown me through the years,for the closeness we've enjoyedin time of laughter and of tears.
And so, I thank you from the heartfor all you've done for meand I bless the Lord for giving methe best mother there could be!
- Author Unknown.

wishing you all a Happy Mother's Day!


Saturday, May 9, 2009

more Pixie Pails

These were for some spring swaps. I love making pixie's. Of course I'm partial to pails since I'm a Jill - haha.
I'm wishing you all a lovely weekend I finally have a day off tomorrow since I got home from Convenzione & have a huge Head CoLd! ugh Niquil take me away....

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Carnival Token Swap

Here are the carnival tokens I created for Lisa Kettell's swap. I included some "grow your own cotton candy" for my sweet partners. These were fun to make!
I just got back this morning from ZNE's Convenzione! I got to meet the super diva of fun Mz Lisa Kettell herself & her super fun Mom Joan. I will never forget the awesome good time we had!
I had an incredible time & will post more later (my camera decided to die, so unfortunately I did not get all the pics I'd hoped to take but will still post some)
I'm a bit whipped from all the creative fun & excitement & will have to catch you up soon.
Let me tell you the secret that has led me to my goal. My strength lies solely in my tenacity. -- Louis Pasteur