Saturday, May 29, 2010

Lil Bunny

my sample Lil Bunny

I taught a workshop where we made lil pom pom bunnies.
I got the idea from Jennifer Murphy I met her a few years ago at ZNE's Convenzione.
Jennifer is a teddy bear artist & makes adorable creations, often with a vintage look.
She has a adorable blog as well.
We had fun & love the lil bunnies, making the pom pom's is what makes the character.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Meet Max

Meet Max
he's our latest addition:
born Jan. 5th he is a Shi-Poo
He's quite the bizzy toddler boy!
Belle (the mini Schnauzer) has taken to him as her new pup.
ah fur babies aren't they great?

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Art Opera

Dinner at Umbertos = YUM
Suze Weinberg, Lisa Kettell, & me

Marlene, Pam, me, & Jane
in Pam Huntington's class

me, Grace, Ann Denise Anderson
in Ann Denise's Victorian coral crown class

Momma Joan & me
Aurora-tique on Flickr

My Art Opera get-a-way was wonderful. Great creativity, kindred souls, an amazing time.
New friends & old were found.
It was special getting to share it all with my Mom as well.
I love Lisa & her Mom Joan Kettell, it was so great to be able to see them again!
I had super classes & picked up some great new tips/tricks.
More pics to follow... :)

Art Opera

Aaron, Me, Jenny of "Everyday is a Holiday"
amazing artists!
you have to check them out

Suze Weinberg & me
she's a wiz! My encaustic wax pieces

My Mom & me at Monmouth Antiques!
super fab party & wonderful place to shop

Mom & Traci Batista

the Queen bee herself Lisa Kettell & me

Cheryl Figliolo's booth at Monmouth Antique Mall

I had an amazing time & met some new wonderful creative kindred people.
Jenny & Aaron are so lovable & fun.
Suze is amazing & had a great time in her class & at dinner!
Lisa is a doll & it was so much fun seeing her again!
My Mom enjoyed her class with Traci & is now excited about art like never before!
Cheryl hosted the most amazing party at Monmouth & I so enjoyed getting to know her & her husband was hilarious.
I could so move to Jersey!