Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Mac-Worthington Gallery

"Rustic wings"
"Fairy Babydoll"

"Lovely Lady"


You may recall that I was accepted into an art gallery "Mac-Worthington"
The mermaid is the largest of all the canvases at 16"x 21.5" she will be featured in the spring catalogue "Best of the Best"
The other works are featured on their website.
I will be making some other new pieces soon & keep you posted.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Art Opera

Ann Denise
Coral crepe Crown
Pamela Huntington
Parlour Fairy ShadowBox

Ruth Rae
Fused Jewelry

Joan Kettel
Victorian Book
Art Opera is almost upon me!!!
I had my doubts whether I could / would even be able to go.
My sweet endearing Grandmother passed away.
Thank you for the prayer requests.
I am dealing the best I can.
I really was thankful to have Art Opera as something to look forward to.
Then I had 2 different roommates to help with lodging & both have canceled due to unforseen circumstances.
I would never have been able to afford the hotel by myself.
Now my awesome Mom has saved me by being ever encouraging, & driving me there plus sharing the lodging!
Understand my Mom is not into Art!
I know that she will have a blast though - she is taking 2 classes & neither are any I'm in!
I can't wait to see what she does.
I am taking a total of 5 classes & think they will only help give me some new techniques!
The pics above are of the instructors & project demo's.
So I'll be off to Red Banks, N.J. from Wed. 6th to Sun. 11th!
Phew if ever a get-away "calgon" moment was needed it's now!
I'll be sure to show you what I make when I get back.

Suze Weinberg's
Ball of Wax