Thursday, November 18, 2010

Mac-Worthington Gallery & Me

shop window downtown Columbus
Me with my exhibit "Fairy Tree"

Mac-Worthington Gallery

"Moonlight Swim:"

I have no idea where the time goes. I haven't been very productive lately in terms of art & I have missed it dearly, I also haven't been blogging as is quite evident. I didn't feel like I had anything worth mentioning really.
The summer went way to fast. On a positive note I did get to exhibit my "Fairy Tree" picture at Mac-Worthington Gallery in Columbus, Ohio.
Currently I have the above piece "Moonlight Swim" on exhibit & will be going to the artist reception this Sat. 20th from 6-9. If you are in the area be sure to stop in & say hello! I will be looking for some other gallery's & venues in the upcoming year.
Happy Fall to everyone & I've missed my blog buddies.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Summer Luvin

summer luvin had me a blast....
the boys built a Pergola over Father's day weekend this summer, then our friends neighbor was throwing away this pond - of course they thought of us & we were too happy to recycle it.
Upon getting it settled my oldest decided to test the water, of course my youngest jumped in as well!
Too funny - huh
Well this summer has gone too fast - I haven't been all that creative of late but Tony the gallery director for Mac Worthington has been encouraging me to get some more stuff made!
So there is a large canvas picture in the works of mermaids of course!
Hope all is well & you are enjoying the warm summer days.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

vanilla or chocolate

y Thank you to Bonnie in MD she placed a custom order for a dark chocolate cake topped with a strawberry from my Etsy shop.
Upon receiving this she was so pleased she in fact ordered a custom vanilla cake topped with a cherry!
Of course one cherry just didn't seem like enough :) Yeah!
I do like the fruit topped ones - don't you?
Do you have a favorite summer desert?
I do like strawberry's with shortcake - mmmm what's not to like right?
Hope your summer is going well.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

"Fairy Tree"

"Fairy Tree"
mixed media altered art on canvas
created by: JillzWhimzy
for Mac-Worthington art gallery
Here is my latest piece for the art gallery it's 24"x30"
See my little fairies peeking through the foliage in person at the gallery in July!
Hope you are enjoying your summer

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Hair Posies

Here is my latest little creations "HAIR POSIES" fabric & button flowers on bobby pins. Today I will be making some pins & headbands as well.
I will have these at my booth this Saturday the 12th Otterbein Cridersville Fun Festival in 100 Red Oak Dr. Cridersville, Ohio.
The Festival will be held from 11-3
There will be horse drawn carriage rides, pirate ship, train rides, crafts, fun for all ages. Admission & parking are free!
A free concert will be provided by the Air Force Band of Flight "New Harmony" ensemble in preparation for their world tour!
Stop by if your in the area.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Lil Bunny

my sample Lil Bunny

I taught a workshop where we made lil pom pom bunnies.
I got the idea from Jennifer Murphy I met her a few years ago at ZNE's Convenzione.
Jennifer is a teddy bear artist & makes adorable creations, often with a vintage look.
She has a adorable blog as well.
We had fun & love the lil bunnies, making the pom pom's is what makes the character.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Meet Max

Meet Max
he's our latest addition:
born Jan. 5th he is a Shi-Poo
He's quite the bizzy toddler boy!
Belle (the mini Schnauzer) has taken to him as her new pup.
ah fur babies aren't they great?

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Art Opera

Dinner at Umbertos = YUM
Suze Weinberg, Lisa Kettell, & me

Marlene, Pam, me, & Jane
in Pam Huntington's class

me, Grace, Ann Denise Anderson
in Ann Denise's Victorian coral crown class

Momma Joan & me
Aurora-tique on Flickr

My Art Opera get-a-way was wonderful. Great creativity, kindred souls, an amazing time.
New friends & old were found.
It was special getting to share it all with my Mom as well.
I love Lisa & her Mom Joan Kettell, it was so great to be able to see them again!
I had super classes & picked up some great new tips/tricks.
More pics to follow... :)

Art Opera

Aaron, Me, Jenny of "Everyday is a Holiday"
amazing artists!
you have to check them out

Suze Weinberg & me
she's a wiz! My encaustic wax pieces

My Mom & me at Monmouth Antiques!
super fab party & wonderful place to shop

Mom & Traci Batista

the Queen bee herself Lisa Kettell & me

Cheryl Figliolo's booth at Monmouth Antique Mall

I had an amazing time & met some new wonderful creative kindred people.
Jenny & Aaron are so lovable & fun.
Suze is amazing & had a great time in her class & at dinner!
Lisa is a doll & it was so much fun seeing her again!
My Mom enjoyed her class with Traci & is now excited about art like never before!
Cheryl hosted the most amazing party at Monmouth & I so enjoyed getting to know her & her husband was hilarious.
I could so move to Jersey!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Mac-Worthington Gallery

"Rustic wings"
"Fairy Babydoll"

"Lovely Lady"


You may recall that I was accepted into an art gallery "Mac-Worthington"
The mermaid is the largest of all the canvases at 16"x 21.5" she will be featured in the spring catalogue "Best of the Best"
The other works are featured on their website.
I will be making some other new pieces soon & keep you posted.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Art Opera

Ann Denise
Coral crepe Crown
Pamela Huntington
Parlour Fairy ShadowBox

Ruth Rae
Fused Jewelry

Joan Kettel
Victorian Book
Art Opera is almost upon me!!!
I had my doubts whether I could / would even be able to go.
My sweet endearing Grandmother passed away.
Thank you for the prayer requests.
I am dealing the best I can.
I really was thankful to have Art Opera as something to look forward to.
Then I had 2 different roommates to help with lodging & both have canceled due to unforseen circumstances.
I would never have been able to afford the hotel by myself.
Now my awesome Mom has saved me by being ever encouraging, & driving me there plus sharing the lodging!
Understand my Mom is not into Art!
I know that she will have a blast though - she is taking 2 classes & neither are any I'm in!
I can't wait to see what she does.
I am taking a total of 5 classes & think they will only help give me some new techniques!
The pics above are of the instructors & project demo's.
So I'll be off to Red Banks, N.J. from Wed. 6th to Sun. 11th!
Phew if ever a get-away "calgon" moment was needed it's now!
I'll be sure to show you what I make when I get back.

Suze Weinberg's
Ball of Wax

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Grandma Martha

Prayer request
for my sweet Gram
Gram is 92 & currently in the hospital with multiple masses of cancer. She is on hospice & we are so hoping for her to pass with as little pain & time as possible. The past few days have been very rough for her & I. She has been such a dear to me all my life & it will be very hard without her but I want her to go on & be well & at peace. thank you

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

I am an Artist!

Irish Blessing:
May your neighbors respect you,
Troubles neglect you,
The angels protect you,
and Heaven accept you.
Last Saturday I had an interview with a art gallery in Columbus, OH to become an exhibitor.
So after work the family & I headed an hour & 45 min. to the "big city" to see what they'd say.
I am so very excited, humbled & just plain pleased to say that I am an ARTIST.
I have been accepted into the Mac Worthington Gallery & will have my first piece in the July show! I will be featured on the website year round & will also be in two other shows this year.
Wow - huh? The director decided that I should also think a bit larger & do some bigger scaled pieces soooo I am up for the challenge. It appears that my Altered Art technique will offer a different take that they are excited to launch for me.
I will of course keep you posted & you may certainly check it out via the web. I will be adding pieces to the webite hopefully this weekend, stay tuned for more breaking news & here's hoping that spring may find us soon!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

A smile

Happy 13th Adam
Domino pendants in process

Latest fun find: Barbie Tee

Belle & Jack
"A smile is the beginning of peace."
Mother Theresa

I'm slowly coming out of my "funk" of sadness since losing Jack I know it's crazy but I really am a terrible sucker for animals.

I miss my fur baby & have begun looking for a new one.

On the plus side my kids are good & Adam is doing Baseball.
Adam also graduated from "tween to teen" (his words) as in big 13! yep it hardly seems real that I now have 2 teenagers - yikes! Survived his sleepover party with 3 other boys.
Fun find of the week my new Barbie retro Tee came it's from Avon. I'm an Avon rep so if you need one let me know I'll see if I can't get you one. Notice the umbrella & boots too.

I worked some more on the domino pendants just not feeling all that creative or anything else much, but moving along I'm trying to find peace & smile.

Friday, February 26, 2010

My dear Jack

This was my sweet boy or as I would call him "Baby J"
Jack my dear 4 yr. old Shih Tzu
Jack was born with kidney disease & succumbed to it last night, unfortunately & thus has left me broken hearted.
Jack never new he wasn't healthy & had the best disposition of any dog I've ever known.
He was a darling among dogs.
I know everyone that loses one feels it, but honestly Jack never growled, never new a stranger, & was the most friendliest fur beast ever.
Jack was in love with our guinea pig & always wanted to play with him.
He was our Miniature Schnauzer Belle's puppy or so they each thought.
He enjoyed keeping your toes warm or laying calmly on your lap. And with a basket of toys only played with one (squeaky shoe), heaven forbid it get stuck under the couch. Although he loved a chew on his bone.
When he would get chilled he enjoyed his t-shirts & would even reach his paws up to put it on.
Jack wasn't into tricks but he knew the word t-r-e-a-t.
He never misbehaved other than the shred of an occasional tissue. It's almost hard to believe he could be so perfect, he did seem like a furry little angel.
Rest in peace Jack without sickness for you are already sorely missed.
And so this Jill is without her Jack.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Fun Finds

Sketchers Roadies - Expressway
Faux cupcakes

Gourmet candle collection

Who doesn't enjoy fun finds?
I recently found these adorable "Bambi" boots on & they were too cute to pass up? If you love shoes they really are very reasonable & shipping was FREE.
I was shopping at my local fav T.J. Maxx & found this domed plate stand & of course had to have it! How cute is it with my faux cupcakes?
Next is my FAV candle's made by they have the best scents (as I luv the baked food yummy smells) There candles are made of soy & burn clean. The last local store to carry them sadly went out of business so I either will order online or road trip!
I decided to make some domino & scrabble pendants today so I'm enjoying my candle scent & listening to Lady AnteBellum's newest album "Need You Now"
I'll post my finished pieces soon.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Art Opera

I'll be there!
I can not copy & paste all the info. on this but you can link to it & check all of the fabulous workshops offered.
I can't tell you how fun & empowering it is to attend these things with like minded, talented people. I'm so looking forward to it!

Lisa Kettell is the hostess with the mostest & this is trully her baby she will not dissapoint. She has assembled a bevy of super talented woman for instructors & it is hard to choose from. I've been fortunate enough to meet a few of them & they are just Fabulous!

I'll post more later on which classes I'm taking.

If interested please look into it you won't be sorry.
hugs, JILL

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentines Sweets

Valentine Faux CupcakeButterscotch Choc. Chip Faux Cupcakes

Mini Cake Plate

Caramel Choc. Cherry Faux Cupcake

Happy 17th Mr. Matt
Hope everyone is having a nice Valentines weekend.
I got dinner & a movie last night with friends, very nice time.
We are off to celebrate Matt's birthday tonight his choice of restaraunt.
I recently listed a few new things on Etsy some are pictured above.
hugs. JILL