Sunday, April 4, 2010

Art Opera

Ann Denise
Coral crepe Crown
Pamela Huntington
Parlour Fairy ShadowBox

Ruth Rae
Fused Jewelry

Joan Kettel
Victorian Book
Art Opera is almost upon me!!!
I had my doubts whether I could / would even be able to go.
My sweet endearing Grandmother passed away.
Thank you for the prayer requests.
I am dealing the best I can.
I really was thankful to have Art Opera as something to look forward to.
Then I had 2 different roommates to help with lodging & both have canceled due to unforseen circumstances.
I would never have been able to afford the hotel by myself.
Now my awesome Mom has saved me by being ever encouraging, & driving me there plus sharing the lodging!
Understand my Mom is not into Art!
I know that she will have a blast though - she is taking 2 classes & neither are any I'm in!
I can't wait to see what she does.
I am taking a total of 5 classes & think they will only help give me some new techniques!
The pics above are of the instructors & project demo's.
So I'll be off to Red Banks, N.J. from Wed. 6th to Sun. 11th!
Phew if ever a get-away "calgon" moment was needed it's now!
I'll be sure to show you what I make when I get back.

Suze Weinberg's
Ball of Wax


Tina said...

hey sweety - have a great time and search for peace through your art...sending you hugs


Laura said...

Jill, it was great meeting you tonight. Your work is beautiful- I had visited your blog before, but it is so nice to connect the name to the face. I have class envy- if I had been able to go Thursday, I would have taken the same classes you are. I am looking forward to reading about them and seeing your work. Have fun in class tomorrow!