Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Art Opera

Aaron, Me, Jenny of "Everyday is a Holiday"
amazing artists!
you have to check them out

Suze Weinberg & me
she's a wiz! My encaustic wax pieces

My Mom & me at Monmouth Antiques!
super fab party & wonderful place to shop

Mom & Traci Batista

the Queen bee herself Lisa Kettell & me

Cheryl Figliolo's booth at Monmouth Antique Mall

I had an amazing time & met some new wonderful creative kindred people.
Jenny & Aaron are so lovable & fun.
Suze is amazing & had a great time in her class & at dinner!
Lisa is a doll & it was so much fun seeing her again!
My Mom enjoyed her class with Traci & is now excited about art like never before!
Cheryl hosted the most amazing party at Monmouth & I so enjoyed getting to know her & her husband was hilarious.
I could so move to Jersey!

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