Sunday, January 25, 2009

Pincushion with Pizzazz Swap

What's this another post oh yes my sweets I'm very much updating today & checking out what my girlies are up to & let me tell ya there are some bizzy & oh so creative lil chics amongst us. The swap seems to have gone off quite well as you may recall I was hosting Pincushions with Pizzazz over on swap-bot. I had 25 participants from all over the world! Yeah! I have already received mine & sent the one I made off. I'll post some pics here so you can see. I also wanted to share with you Hannah's blog as she featured her work from the swap - kudos! so pop on over & check out her adorable ever so pizzazzy pincushions!


Kelly said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog~
I see I'm going to like visiting're very creative!!

Xo Kelly

Hannah said...

Aw, Thanks for linking to me :) I really enjoyed doing this swap It was a lot of fun