Saturday, June 27, 2009

Mad Tea Party Blog Event

Head over for a majical Mad Tea Party Blog Event it's very majical & ever enchanting!
So today I'm in the mood for all things Alice & some Tea!
Itty Bitty Book club Teacup page

Humpty Dumpty Majical Circus ATC hosted by: Lisa Kettell

Domino pendant of Alice created for swap-bot swap
Just a few things I've created Alice themed. There is something majical about that story & I as you can tell adore the vintage illustrations. I hand tint them & find all sorts of things to do. Lately it's swaps!
Hoping your summer is going well. I wish you all a wonderful tea party day!

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Mica said...

Delightful !!! I also joined in the fun, be sure to stop by !!! Hugs, Mica