Sunday, August 16, 2009

My challenge

Jack's collage
Kay's collage

Sibling collages
Recently I was commisioned to do something very fun with free reign on creativity.
The challenge: to create 2 pieces of art for a sister & brother, using ephemera contained in her mother-in-law's vintage "button box"
Now this button box was mine to keep - yep I know what you're thinking how lucky! But I had to use the front & back of 2 postcards on each piece. I requested a photo of them as children to tie it together more.
So I did embrace this challenge & the box of buttons with vintage post cards, & keys & ran with it!
The pics were taken with my phone & are not very good but the collages turned out pretty well. Here's how it played out:
Step 1: paint background using walnut ink onto a sheet of canvas.
Step 2: choose my ephemera, including postcards, buttons, keys, pic of the 2 recipients
Step 3: begin gluing into place
Step 4: Matte medium over entire piece
Step 5: frame
Simple & fun for me & the smile was worth it~
She was surprising her brother with it & I'm eager to hear how he liked it.


mizmollye said...

Betcha he loves it! Great Job. I'll be back to see what you have next. Fun blog!

mizmollye said...

Oh sure I'd be honored for you to copy and paste my contest and glad you visited because you're a hoot too! xox Mollye

Tracy Suzanne said...

I was just checking out some of the blogs from my new tag book from Xmas in July. It's been so much fun seeing everyones work. I love the blue background on your tag. So bright & cheerful and one of my favorite colors. Your challenge turned out wonderful. I bet they're so proud. I'm new to blogging but would love you to stop in for a visit sometime...Tracy