Sunday, August 23, 2009

Truth of Spoof Giveaway

It's good to be back to blogging, the kids are back in school. I've gotten used to the old routine, I've not been making any art recently, but that will all change as I've got my "Big show" coming up next Saturday the 19th. It's a local even called Laurel Oaks Craft & Hobby Festival. I'm looking forward to it!
Now on to the Truth of Spoof Giveaway goodness. Recently while visiting fellow talent MizMollye's blog she had the cutest darned giveaway ever! She graciously said I could copy it & extend it my way - woo hoo - what fun.
Now you simply must pop over to her blog she's a most interesting gal & very talented artist.
The give-away is one of my faux cupcakes as pictured above in case you wondered what in the world the pic was. LOL
per Mollye: "I will list 15 jobs I've held (well actually 14) for various lengths of time during my life & ONE will be a spoof.
All you have to do is read my list & comment on it telling me which job you think I'm spoofing about.
The game begins Now & will be open until the end of the day next Saturday Sept. 19th. I will randomly choose a winner & post it Monday Sept. 21st.
And the best part you do not have to guess the right answer to Win!!
So here we go & good luck!
1.) Newspaper Asst. Editor
2.) Graphic Artist
3.) Clown
4.) Waitress
5.) Medical Asst.
6.) Costume Character
7.) Art Teacher
8.) Animal Tech.
9.) Optician
10.) Dog Groomer
11.) Secretary
12.) Candystriper
13.) Restaraunt Asst. Mgr.
14.) Game attendant
15.) Photographer
heehee I have quite a list I know & I've worked for the past 36 yrs. so have fun guessing & once again best of luck!


Debra said...

Optician? Actually they all could be possible, butI have to guess one. Hi Jill!

kecia said...

i know the contest is over, but i am guessing clown; although, i have a friend who is really a clown, so it's not too far of a spoof! did you see your picture in one of the collages i did from the fair?

Shari Replogle said...

Wow what diversity!Looks like I missed your giveaway date (but I think I would pick game attendant), and missed you too! I almost emailed you before I left for the Country Living Fair to see if you were going, and I think I saw you in a photo there on Flickr!
What day were you there? I hope you had a great show at your big show. Are you doing any others this fall?
I should have known you would be there, next time I will email for sure.

Anonymous said...

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