Sunday, March 7, 2010

A smile

Happy 13th Adam
Domino pendants in process

Latest fun find: Barbie Tee

Belle & Jack
"A smile is the beginning of peace."
Mother Theresa

I'm slowly coming out of my "funk" of sadness since losing Jack I know it's crazy but I really am a terrible sucker for animals.

I miss my fur baby & have begun looking for a new one.

On the plus side my kids are good & Adam is doing Baseball.
Adam also graduated from "tween to teen" (his words) as in big 13! yep it hardly seems real that I now have 2 teenagers - yikes! Survived his sleepover party with 3 other boys.
Fun find of the week my new Barbie retro Tee came it's from Avon. I'm an Avon rep so if you need one let me know I'll see if I can't get you one. Notice the umbrella & boots too.

I worked some more on the domino pendants just not feeling all that creative or anything else much, but moving along I'm trying to find peace & smile.

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Tina said...

awww- sweety sorry to hear about your pup...stinks losing such a great friend - I know.

Love these domino pendants - gorgeous...can't wait to see them finished.