Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Oh yes ChOcOLaTe!

Everyone loves chocolate right? Well I'm smiling because I received some oh so yummy treats via swap-bot's unique chocolate bar swaps recently. You have to mail chocolate that isn't just something you'd buy at the grocery. I got some Cadbury's from England, Mexican, & my new favorite Chai Tea by Chocolate Factory Organic & I mean Yummy! I hope you can enjoy some chocolate today :)(thanks to all my swap partners)

Health facts on chocolate
New research is finding chocolate to be packed with high-quality anti oxidants that may reduce the risk of developing cancer and heart disease
Cocoa and chocolate are rich in minerals that the body needs, including magnesium and iron Source:
Chocolate & Cocoa: A Review of Health and Nutrition
America's love affair with chocolate
Chocolate is America's favorite flavor. A recent survey revealed that 52 percent of U.S. adults said they like chocolate best. The second favorite flavor was a tie (at 12 percent each) between berry flavors and vanilla.
In 2000, the total chocolate consumption in the U.S. was 3.3 billion pounds
The estimated retail sales of chocolate in 2000 were $13 billion
Chocolate manufacturers currently use 40 percent of the world's almonds and 20 percent of the world's peanuts.
Seventy-one percent of American chocolate eaters prefer milk chocolate.
Source: National Confectioners Association/Chocolate Manufacturers Association

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jambalie said...

MMMM, chocolate! Have you tried chili chocolate? So good. I actually met someone once who didn't like chocolate!! I KNOW!! Crazy, right?! Nice blog you've got =)