Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Recipe for a Happy Day & cupcake toppers


This is the sweet Birthday Fairy "Miss Sophie" a custom ordered job for a cupcake topper. I hope she enjoys it!

(right) Here is one of my faux cupcakes with topper.

Featured on my Etsy site


Recipe For A Happy Day

1 cup friendly words

2 cups (heaping) understanding

4 t. (heaping) time & patience

Pinch warm personality

Dash of humor

Measure words carefully. Add heaping cups of understanding. Mix in generous amounts of time & patience. Keep temperature low; do not come "to a boil." Add dash of humor & pinch of warm personality. Season to taste with spice of life & serve to all present.


A day at the Cappuccino Café said...

Sounds like a perfect recipe to me!!

Tina said...

cute topper chickie - how the heck are you? nope not going to zne this year - I told hubby I just wanted to do one and I am hoping to go to silver bella - we'll see...hope you have a love filled day,,

sending smooches and late night gossip your way


Anonymous said...

These are adorable!!!!