Sunday, February 22, 2009

So much to do so little time

Alice in Wonderland ATC
Make Believe ATC's

Pink & Black ATC
More ATC's thought you might care to see all gone to Swap-Bot swappers.

I'm going to scale back on my swap-bot addiction it's given me great experience in creating ATC's, aprons, dotees, matchboxes. All things I hadn't dabbled in prior. I need to make some extra time for my other art. I keep thinking I need to market more, somehow. Locally it's a bust which is ever frustrating. Every show I do I get so many compliments but alas not as productive sales as I'd hoped. I do far better on the internet, soooo. Hmmmm Time is not my friend. I'm a night owl prefer to work at night due to less interruptions. It's pretty hard to squeeze it all in with work right now. I've read alot lately on people that made it work via Etsy, Kellie over at her work is amazing I might add. (thanks for all the kind words). So many of my talented girls are getting published Kudos - someday I'll be there with ya. Do you ever wish you didn't have to sleep? :)

Funny I ran across this while surfing around, but it is quite valid

Sunday 's Messagefrom the Universe

The discoveries, breakthroughs, inventions and revelations that PROFOUNDLY change lives, individually, and globally, rarely, if ever, require dollars, or even time... they just require a little thinking. And what could be easier than thinking? YOUR OWN breakthroughs, of mind boggling proportions, are only ever a THOUGHT away... just think!
(yep it's those things that make you go hmmmmm)


Rose Petals & Blooms said...

Hi Jill... Boy do you sound like me! I work late into the night in my studio, it seems to be my most productive time. I too wonder about marketing, I know my art isn't as popular in my hometown than on the net. I've found etsy, lollishops and my own website are the places to be! But geez! I don't know when to stop! I keep telling myself I'm going to take an itty bitty break, then I think of something else to make when my mind is idle! ugh! lol.. I guess I should just run with it when my creative juices are flowing~

I love your art! The little crochet cup is adorable on the Alice tag/plaque~ Simply the sweetest!

Have a creative evening, I'll be thinking of you tonight as I sit at my!


A day at the Cappuccino Café said...

I just love Alice in Wonderland =) You are so talented, I'm jealous!!


MaygreenFairies said...

Beautiful Artwork, I adored visiting your blog! Hope to see you at Lisa Kettells Carnival Soiree!! Mandy x

Elizabeth Parsons said...

love your Alice ATC!
thanks for stopping by!