Saturday, May 16, 2009

ZNE Convenzione

Me, Melissa Merrill, Lynne Wright

arriving at the Gallery premiere night

(photos courtesty of Melissa Merrill)

It was an amazing experience once again!
The 2009 ZNE Convenzione

Chel the Queen as always tries to think of everything & she succeeds.

I had to switch planes 3 times going & coming & rode the "Bart" to get there enduring the swine flu scare, but it was all worth the layovers & everything!

Opening night I met Lynne again who was so gracious & kind. She played hostess to myself & Melissa the entire time. We had a lot in common & it was nice to share.

Melissa is quite the jewelry gal & makes super pieces she's also a lot of fun. Check her out here:

We got to gather downtown Pleasanton, CA at a lovely gallery eat Giant truffles, mingle & listen to Jon Troast.

Jon is amazing he plays concerts in your living room. He is so talented writing & singing his own songs. I've been privledged to see him several times now & it's well worth it.

I got to see some familiar faces & make friends with some new ones everyone was very excited about the upcoming classes.

Afterward we went to a favorite shop "American Harvest" & "The Berry Patch"
these stores are a lot of fun.
We had a great day 1 & I will fill you in on more adventures next post.

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