Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Convenzione continued

me & my theatre
Lisa Kettell's theatre

our amazingly awesome class of Lovely Ladies
getting creative!

Here's the fab girls
(L to R: Lynne, Me, Iva, Jennifer, Yvonne, Lisa, Joan)
photos courtesy of Lisa Kettell
Lisa Kettell is so much fun & very helpful she uses such bright, & amazing elements in her work it's absolutely contagious when you work with her!
I've blogged about her before but to meet her is a dream come true she's absolutely a doll!
Lisa's class was Great the girls in it were so much fun & very talented.
Lynne took the same classes as me so that was great. We got to meet the dynamic duo of sisters; Yvonne & Jennifer. These 2 gals I so wish were my sisters! They are so FUN! Iva Wilcox was as usual amazing & created a gorgeous vintage themed stage she is a genius! Lynne did the most amazing small box theatre & even made pantiloons on her marionette! Joan aka Aurora was so hilarious & sweet Lisa & her are trully best friends. I absolutely adored all of these ladies!
We worked most of the day but time just flew. I will post more again soon.


Tina said...

hey there sweetie

thanks for the sweet comment - I am good - I am mailing your box out tomorrow. sorry for the delay but I needed add a few more treats...hugs to you...

looks like you had a great time at the zne..I am happy to hear it.

PeregrineBlue said...

What a great workshop you took. Makes me want to make one. So glad you had a good time.

Shari Replogle said...

Hi Jill,
Your theater is adorable! They are all so detailed, I love them. I wish there would have been time to take all the classes that were offered.