Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Oh happy day

These were some lil cutie items I treated myself to. I loved the nail polish bottles. The doll is a mini japanese ball joint pullip "Queen of Hearts"
These dolls are so funny huge heads & tiny feet. I am going to make one in a larger version I've ordered some parts all the way from Japan & am a bit excited I used to make porcelain dolls & am a member of UFDC so yes I'm into dollies. Usually I'm very partial to the oldies but I'm a bit eclectic.
I've recently brought home a few dolls thanks to the 2 doll shows here in Ohio I regularly attend & E-Bay & my friend Lynne.
Do you like dolls? :0)


Deb a.k.a.The Invisible Blogger.... said...

Oh, are you ordering a BJD or Super Dollfie? I have two Pullips. Love them they are fun to pose. I thought about trying on Obitsu, but I would like to learn more first. Check out YouTube for some great vid's on them!

Jules of Whimsicalnotions blog said...

Depends on the doll,yes i do like dolls i have a few black ones i just love and a gorgeous one i found at an old wares place taht i would not let go and sisnt care what it cost.Think i love the blackk ones cause my fav childhood doll was my one called hula a vinyl one with a cheeky chubby winking face.I dont know what happened to my hula.No doubt i shall find her one day on ebay as i found my sisters betsy wetsie and her flatsy dolls lol Cant wait to see yours !

Whim & Fancy Designs said...

Jill, it was great meeting you as well! Love those nail polish bottles...makes me want to go and paint my nails!1 LOl
xoxo, Ann-Denise